Inside ITAparts world, we understand customization as a unique and multi-level meaning:

– rotor shape: from classic round-shape, to wavelike, semi-wavelike, “aggressive” profile, any classic replicas and even specifically developed under customer requirements.

– rotor thickness: starting at 3-4mm thickness (pitbike, cross, enduro), growing up to 5mm for standard quality and getting the 6,0-6,5mm top performance thickness. Very special applications even at 7mm thickness!!

– carrier design: internal and external diameter, number of holes, holes positioning and diameter, offset. Any and all of carrier characteristics can be specifically adapted for the best fitting of the disc in the breaking system with almost no need of other adapters or parts.

– nuts and carrier materials: only top quality Al-alloys specifically selected.

– nuts and carrier treatments: hard oxidation process where needed for top resistances to wearing.

– nuts and carrier finishes: best quality processes and customized colors by anodization under customer requirements.

– laser engraving and/or marking: applying the specific final customization and marking ITAparts quality.

In the end every single disc is unique and customization begins at early stage when ordering.