Most required disc customization is regarding rotor shape, carrier and nuts colors (floating discs) but depending on application and within some technical limits, any disc technical feature and measure could be customized.
Our web-site does not have an automatic e-commerce system because all of our production is exclusively made under ordering, so coming from a customer personal requirement being directly and personally attended.
Because of this, a contact e-mail is required to be sent at luca@itaparts.es or, alternatively, filing up the contact form inside the web site.
All of our products and productions are specifically customized under ordering so we need aprox. 15-20 working days to achieve the shipment.
At the momenti we accept bank transfer and Paypal (+3,5% because of administrative overcost).
All of our discs are produced exclusively under ordering with specific features related to a specific customer. Such order requires advanced payment to be processed.
ITAparts mainly works with online systems and social networks. Some dealers available depending on geography. Contact us for more information.
Once the products are ready for shipment, you will be notified by e-mail of the departure of the package.
We use multiple delivery platform which guarantees the traceability of the package.
ITAparts strongly recommends that you rely on an expert to carry out the assembly.
This is because the brake disc, together with the rest of the brake system, represents a fundamental element for safety, it is therefore essential to check its efficiency. Within the site there are "Recommendations for correct assembly" that can be considered together with expert relying but not substituting it.
ITAparts strongly recommends changing the brake pads when installing the new discs. This is to favor an optimal disc-pad coupling and performance. The rest of the braking system does not require changes in case of standard discs.
Contact us and check for any more specific doubts.
Any and all of products we offer are intended for sports and private and close circuit use ONLY, they are therefore NOT FORMALLY APPROVED NEITHER SPECIFICALLY HOMOLOGATED for other usages like normal road or traffic driving or any other similar usage where any legal compliance would apply.
Check your local obligations for specific usage you are intended to do. Despite of this, we are obviously open to any collaboration for achieving some compliance requirement. Get in contact and check with our technical department at info@itaparts.com