Materials used are:
- AISI 420 forged steel, thermically treated for hardening to achieve optimum equilibrium between friction braking qualities and structural resistance.

- Aluminum alloys, giving strength and lightness to the product.

Both fix and floating types brake discs available, for any model and type of motorcycles (racing, standard, cross / enduro, vintage, scooter, custom).

All rotors are laser or water-cut obtained and improved with specific hardening to achieve the best performing braking qualities: hardened by expert craftsmen, rotors are then protected with specific painting, before moving to subsequent processing and for optimal shelf life. Finally, thanks to the fine tuned grinding (single or bilateral) we can reach specific centesimal tolerances for thickness, thus offering a perfectly weight-balanced brake disc.

All carriers and nuts are expertly machined on numerical control machines (CNC), starting from solid piece and using high quality materials such as special aluminum alloys treated to give strength and resistance to premature wearing to all brake disc parts.