Racing - GURU R 5.8 disc

Registered design product

Leveraging our specific and historical background and thanks to the Italian typical design spirit and know-how, the new "GURU brake disc" comes to life. Increasingly appreciated and enhanced, gets consolidating in the market as our top performance product.

This brake disc is the result of fusing together different solutions we achieved, optimizing the product's quality for all of them, so offering to the customer a strong solution not available in any other brand catalogue and even achieving the design register protection.

Main features:

- Unique oversized 5,8mm thickness

- Special counter-bored holes

- 12 floating nuts

As usual, ITAparts top quality materials.

- top quality AISI 420 steel rotor, selected and hardened with controlled “pack-hardening process”
- top quality aluminum alloy carrier machined from solid piece with hard anodizing treatment
- top quality aluminum alloy nuts machined from solid piece with hard anodizing treatment
- rotor thickness oversized at 5,8mm, UNIQUE IN THE MARKET
- rotor holes with exclusive “crafted counterbore” for better pad renewal and more effective cooling and weight control of the rotor
- double micro-metric grinding for an excellent disk balance
- production processes optimization for maximum performance and quality



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