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Dischi freno scooter e maxiscooter - aftermarket

ITAparts provides a unique aftermarket alternative scooter solution to traditional brake discs. Fix and floating brake discs according to the model.
Fix brake discs are customizable as regards the rotor shape. From classic round-shape, to wavelike, semi-wavelike, “aggressive” profile.
On top of rotor shape, floating brake discs can also be customized with regard to the color of the carrier and nuts. Only in some cases the carrier color is standard black (because of materials).

Fix and floating brake discs available for scooters from 50cc to 899cc, depending on the brand and model. Available for most scooters on the market (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Peugeot, Kymco, Piaggio, Gilera, Malaguti, Vespa, others).

ITAparts also provides specifically developed oversize kits for Yamaha T-Max, Kymco AK550, Honda ADV750 and many other.

Rotor: AISI 420 hardened steel
Carrier: AISI 420 Steel or aluminum alloy with hardening treatment (depending on the models).
Nuts: AISI 420 Steel or aluminum alloy with hardening treatment (depending on the models).
Processing: laser and/or water-cutting, hardening, painting, grinding, CNC machining, anodizing, hard anodizing, chrome or nickel finishes, laser engraving and/or marking.

Front floating disc: from 95€
Fix front and rear disc: from 35€

Stated prices are just base references. Get in contact and check for specific model and quotation.

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Please be told all of our products and productions are specifically customized under ordering so we usually need 20 working days to achieve the shipment.
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